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Influences of Drugs and Alcohol on the Body

Alcohol and drugs have both long term and short term effects on the body which can cause an erratic change in behavior, moods and other body functions, and sometimes the brain may also get damaged due nutrition deficiencies brought about by alcohol.

Alcohol is absorbed in the bloodstream faster when the stomach is empty, but when one has ingested some food high in proteins, it causes the alcohol to be slowly absorbed. The stomach lining is susceptible and when alcohol is absorbed from the stomach to the bloodstream it causes ulcers. The high alcohol content in the body creates an involuntary reaction of vomiting to lessen the irritation. An alcohol consumer may also experience loss of appetite as the stomach emits many juices.

Other visible effects of alcohol consumption are blushing, temporary rise in body temperature, low blood pressure. An increase in blood alcohol concentration is manifested in the body as impaired vision, body balance and speech, increased talking and relaxation. One is also unable to control their emotions causing one to get quickly excited or angered throwing the body into a state of shock.

The liver breaks down the alcohol into carbon dioxide and water while the remaining amounts are flushed out of the body through the lungs, kidneys, and skin. The liver can be damaged if alcohol is consumed repeatedly. Most risky sex practices occur when one is under the influence of alcohol as their judgment is impaired. Some signs of continued use of drugs include the stunted growth of bones. The lengthy indulgence in drugs causes significant harm to the kidney and liver

Drugs and alcohol are an expensive habit to maintain, and the continued use affects your productivity and achievements at school or work. Time spent on taking drugs can be put to better use such as receiving training to proceed in your career.A legal issue that may arise from the use of drugs also affects your financial status which may also lead to increased health and car insurance rates. Deaths caused drugs and alcohol include homicides, suicides and car accidents.

To support those who are willing to change a diversion center is necessary for this to take place. for drug and alcohol users to change they need this centers as they offer supplemental programs and developed treatment.

Two drinks in a day are sufficient enough to reduce chances of getting heart diseases. Moderation is key to possible benefits of any product, so when alcohol is consumed in low amounts, it reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

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