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Occupational Safety and Health Training and Its Importance

Over the past few years and to date, we have indeed witnessed such an increase in the numbers of the young entering the workforce aged below 24. Looking at these numbers, as high as they have been so reported, not many of these young ones entering the workforce are indeed sufficiently equipped and tipped on how to effectively handle and deal with the health risks and safety hazards that they may happen to be so exposed to in a work environment. By and large, it is to be noted as a fact that such a want of knowledge of the risks and hazards potent in a work environment and or the inability to assess and correct an issue at the workplace can be so dangerous for the employees as it can lead to serious injuries to them or worse still as has been in some cases, lead to loss of life.

Talking of occupational risks, there are quite a number of them and some of these are such as falls, vehicle accidents, overexertion injuries, workplace violence and the like and through occupational safety and health training, you can indeed manage to make your team more conscious of these. The sad fact is that workplace safety and training is often overlooked by many which in turn leaves as many on the job site and the concerned employees rather without protection.

Reports have it that in every nine minutes, a US teen is injured on the job. It is looking at these and such like statistics that we see the sure need to ensure that young people preparing for the workplace are duly trained on occupational safety and health practices so as to ensure that they join the workforce well equipped to handle the risks so as to protect themselves and others in the workplace.

According to reports as well from the Department of Labor, such a staggering figure in the numbers of employees miss work annually as a result of injuries to their musculoskeletal systems as a result of work. Looking at these, we see the fact that there is such a huge cost of these in a collective sense, starting from the cost it has on the employees, the employers all the way to the insurance companies.

Besides teaching employees on how to identify health and safety hazards in the workplace, workplace safety training and more particularly OSHA training, will provide the employees with the necessary information they need to have touching on their rights at the workplace. Generally speaking, workplace safety and health calls for concerted efforts from both parties, the employers and the employees as well and as such all should be well equipped on these practices so as to better the workplace environment in terms of safety and health needs.

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