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What to Consider When Looking for Crab Legs

Many people love crab legs because they are usually delicious. Nothing brings friends or families together like these legs. These legs can also be used with other meals, for example, creamy macaroni, a crab boil or cheese dinner. These legs are usually sweet and tender making a lot of people to love it. You will never regret buying crab legs for dinner because of this.

Here you will learn some of the things you are supposed to consider when going to buy these crab legs. There are many species of crabs nowadays hence when buying you are supposed to know the type of crab you want because some options may not be available in your location. This is why you should go to your nearest online stores where you can get them. Commonly served crabs include stone crabs, king crab, and snow crab.
To get good crab legs, you should go for live crabs because they are usually fresh.
When crabs die they become toxic because bacteria from the digestive organs contaminates the meat spoiling it. Costal areas have markets where you can easily get live crabs hence you should consider purchasing them t the coastal locations. When you get suppliers near you then it is important to look at the cleanliness of their tanks before you purchase the crabs or crab legs. Choose tanks that are well aerated and have lively crabs.

It advisable to go for the female crabs because they re metier than the male crabs, some places restricts the mounts of female crabs to be caught in order to prevent their depletion. Ensure you look at the restrictions in your area first before buying these crab leg. Asking any nearby fish monger will not only enable you to get the best crab but also increase your knowledge concerning crabs and crab legs.

After getting crabs legs you like then the next thing you should do is to wash them and boil them with two or three cups of water and one tablespoon of salt before you continue cooking. Most crabs will cook best by steaming, baking or boiling. Snow crab legs are stem thawed for5 to 7 minutes and the king crab for 4 to 7 or 8 minutes. There are also freshly cooked crab legs that are ready to be eaten hence you can go for them if you don’t have time to cook.

When you follow the above tips then you will never regret buying crabs or crabs legs because you will have the best dinner together with your family.

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